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Our Christmas door wreaths are handmade with fresh or faux foliage, approximately 60cm wide, decorated with our finest year round decorations.

This stunning Christmas wreath captures the feeling of glittering holidays, complete with bright red baubles, ribbons_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58cf58d_and a green.

Please note that our florist needs some time to prepare the fresh wreaths, so please allow at least time for delivery or pickup 48 hours after the order time.

Christmas Wreath "Noel"

VAT Included |
  • Our Christmas Door Wreaths are designed to hang on a vertical surface, on your front door or inside your home. Available in fresh or faux foliage, the wreath is maintenance free, however, if made with fresh foliage and hung indoors, keep it as cool as possible and avoid contact with hot radiators. We recommend that you keep your wreath dry as any moisture will encourage the dried fruit to mold. Fresh foliage will gradually dry naturally without losing any of its charm. If your wreath is made with faux foliage, after the holiday season, wrap it up well and keep it safe and protected for another year's use.

    All foliage, berries, ornaments and decorations are for decorative purposes. Some species can be harmful if eaten.
    You should take care that your door frame is out of the reach of children and pets.
    Be careful when placing your door frame inside your home or office, as moisture or sharp edges can damage delicate surfaces.

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