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Βάπτιση Μοντερνα Σταχτοπουτα

Political romantic wedding in Athens

Miltos and Anna got married in a beautiful estate in Attica, having their most beloved people with them.

Our favorite couple chose a Boho style for their wedding that took place in the wonderful space of Santa Maria.

The bride did not stop smiling at the side of her good friend, who gained his attention, but also that of the guests.

In Boho style , enjoy the highlights of the wedding!

Candy bar Μοντερνα Σταχτοπουτα

The candy table in the church was decorated with a small circular arch displaying the little girl's name, while at the reception the big arch with the cradle and balloons stole the show. From the foreground there was no shortage of delicious sweets and cupcakes decorated with fairy-tale figures, while we were impressed by the testimonials - gifts - favors that gave the whole decoration a special - vintage character.

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