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corporate flowers

Flowers for corporate events

Conference tables, display plants, special promotion bouquets, product promotion flowers, just to name a few things we can do for you.

We also work with you to produce the perfect solution.
Whether you need table arrangements for a conference, plants for an exhibition stand, bouquets for a special offer, flowers for a product launch, we are here to help!

The most stunning flowers for corporate events and weekly office flower delivery from Chloe Flowers exclusive florist are created, delivered and installed by our team.

We recognize the importance of seasonal flowers and fresh flowers for office receptions because of the impact it will have on your business image.

Our services:


Our expert team will give you a FREE personalized quote to meet your company's individual and cultural needs.

We offer weekend delivery as well as FREE professional installation.

We have a wide variety of decorative items, plants and columns for rent..

We are able to offer you a personalized and complete flower package.

Many high profile corporate clients have taken advantage of our services.





Corporate decoration

We provide weekly flower delivery to companies in Athens, for office reception areas. Floral arrangements for office receptions are a way to boost employee morale, greet customers and promote an image of progress and a sense of overall well-being from your organization. Even if you happen to work in a more conservative or traditional business environment, such as an office building, bank, or formal restaurant, the right corporate florist can help boost your business.

Regular and ongoing corporate floral services and corporate flowers from Chloe Flowers exclusive are ways you can create a highly cohesive, energetic corporate culture and purposeful alignment among employees while showcasing or reflecting your unique brand style. your goals, successes, and reasons for your event and celebration.

Flowers for Corporate Events: How to Create and Measure Your Impact

Flowers for corporate events set the tone for your event and turn it into an enchanting experience for all attendees and attendees, whether it's a company-wide celebration, a fundraising celebration, a networking event, a client success opportunity , a grand opening, a launch party, or anything that can benefit from flowers for corporate functions.

We provide fresh flowers, use industry best practices and work each time with a single goal, the best possible outcome in relation to the space.

In a ballroom, hotel lounge, VIP area, rooftop, patio or garden, you can relax and feel confident, enjoying the party you've worked so hard to have.

Meanwhile, we always arrive early to arrange and decorate flowers for corporate events, communicate with hotel staff in advance and continue to work behind the scenes to make sure everything goes as planned. At the end of the night or after party, our goal is to provide an experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Making a statement and setting the mood:      Flowers for corporate functions and fresh flowers every day

Corporate flower images help create a mood that is different from the outside world and helps your employees, partners or colleagues (in a positive and fruitful sense) to cultivate and perpetuate a productive distinction between what is happening outdoors what is happening within the workplace. Shifting gears, then, is a way for people to make the leap from leisure to greater intention, a focused state of mind, and creative problem solving. Colorful gerbera daisies, yellow daffodils, white tulips, violets, purple to fuchsia or white orchids, azalea flowers and potted shrubs including mini roses and a range of other office flowers can help purify the air, brighten the office atmosphere and a rich, positive and creative energy for every space.

Green houseplants and desks are low-maintenance ways to make a space more attractive and rich, healthy and conducive to productivity. Of course we are happy to help you care for and regularly maintain your office plants as part of our flower package.

We have beautiful and special varieties of plants, which are highly effective in reducing air pollutants, are pleasant for meditation and very friendly for equipped offices with wooden floors.

You really have a lot of choice in flowers and office plants, which our florist will be happy to discuss during a free consultation and introductory session.

At Chloe Flowers exclusive we are also able to offer you corporate flower prices on a budget in addition to incredible designs and fantastic customer service. Here is a brief overview of what kind of weekly flower services and benefits we provide in addition to our flowers for corporate events:

An introductory meeting to get to know each other, during which we hold a floral consultation and discuss design and decoration preferences at the chosen location

Flower delivery in Athens.

Special flower installation and maintenance care for corporate functions, as well as delivery and care for daily corporate flower displays and flowers for educational programs

Customer satisfaction guarantee and

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