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Hotel flower decorations

Hotel decoration services

With over 23 years of experience we have fully understood the specific requirements of this sector. We offer you a customized solution for your hotel.


Make your guests feel welcome with artistic, creative, fresh flower and plant arrangements.


Chloe Flowers exclusive has many years of experience in providing flowers to luxury hotels and restaurants in Athens.

We understand the specific requirements of this sector.

We offer:

Fast and reliable service

FREE quote and meeting

Receive a personalized quote to meet the specific needs of your           space.

FREE jars

Show off your space better with flower arrangements.

Fresh flowers guaranteed.

We'll make sure your flower arrangements look amazing throughout the week.

FREE trial for one week

Custom monthly fee

Save time and money by not paying for every transaction.

Delivery service

Weekend and after-hours delivery service (Athens only).

A competitive offer

Already using our competitors services? Compare their services with ours and get a competitive quote.

Learn more about what we can do for you and your company!

Hotel flower decorations
Hotel flowers decorations

Benefit from stunning and absolutely gorgeous flower arrangements for your hotel. Innovative and creative designs in luxury vases offered by Chloe Flowers exclusive..

As flower specialists we provide you with free advice for large-scale events, business and professional, as well as intimate and personal occasions. Our designs are always special and come with guaranteed flawless service, delivery and installation, especially when it comes to hotel flower arrangements.


It is certain that hotel flower arrangements improve the hospitality experience and the pleasant stay for your guests and the comfort you provide them.

Chloe Flowers exclusive decoration team offers hotel style floral arrangements to help you stand out.

Fresh, striking hotel lobby flower arrangements and hotel room flower decorations don't have to be extravagant to look rich. Nor do you need to use extravagant, obvious constructions to catch your guests' eyes.

Different types of flower arrangement ideas: Floral hotel arrangements to uniquely highlight what you offer.

Luxury Hotel Flower Arrangements: What Types of Flowers Are Best for Hotels?
We have been helping clients find the right floral arrangement for their hotel, event flowers, wedding flowers and hotel room flowers and corporate floral designs for over two decades.

The particular floral trends of fall, winter, spring and summer and flower availability, budgets and freshness are always part of the equation, whether we work with small boutique shops, luxury and global hotel chains or arranging competitive corporate flower prices for one of many businesses, receptions and galas, offices and grand openings.

Not only does Chloe Flowers exclusive offer same-day flower delivery and on-time service, but our hotel flower arrangements also have an emphasis on sustainability and seasonal flowers. We often buy flowers for stunning designs and exotic plants for hotels from local flower markets and well-known quality flower markets.

The hotel's eco-friendly flower arrangements are also part of our mission, as a leading Athens florist who sees the prominent role our environment plays in helping us meet your needs, create stunning floral designs and transform the special moments and guests' stay at your hotel into cherished, lifelong memories.

Sustainable hotel flower arrangements are something we offer to each of our customers because so many luxury hotels understand and prioritize the preservation and conservation of our planet's resources. This is where natural beauty and flowers come from. Showing visitors this commitment to positively impacting the environment is a way to attract not only a sense of beauty and refined aesthetics, but also awareness, care and consideration.

In an age of social media and hype, where anything can go viral, this is especially important for luxury hotel chains, mainstream hospitality groups and even smaller hotels.

Despite the many different varieties of flowers, the principles remain the same. The effort behind every creative and finishing touch remains high. With a variety of flowers in the hotel, you can achieve a natural style, class and luxury. Regardless of the style of arrangements you choose, you will find opportunities to present luxurious hotel flower arrangements for a relaxing effect, build intrigue and make a significant impact on guests as they relax, enjoy a drink, a cocktail.

Our close attention to detail and sustainable floral practices also allow us to offer our customers the most competitive corporate flower prices and budget from a top florist in Athens. Our expert team adopts such a mindset even for luxury hotel wedding decorations, special event flowers and large hotel lobby flower arrangements.

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