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corporate flowers

Office flowers and plants...

Office flower arrangements and greenery arrangements add a whole new dimension to your corporate environment. Learn how flowers and office plants for your workplace can have a positive impact on your business.

Add a welcoming and positive aura to your office with modern flower arrangements.


Years of experience in corporate contract management.

Each composition is carefully created to suit your personal requirements

Weekly offer of office flowers.

Starting from only €30.00 per week.

FREE * trial for one week.

Guaranteed freshness all week.

If you are not satisfied, we will replace the flowers and plants.

FREE jars. Vases that match different flowers in season and enhance floral designs and the look of the office.

FREE personalized consultation.


         Customer service will meet your company's individual needs.


FREE maintenance service.


         For offices with three or fewer plants.


Customized products.


         Promote your company with our products by adding your own logos, cards and a custom look and feel that matches your corporate identity.


Custom monthly fee.


         Save time and money through the accounting system, without . you pay for each transaction.

Corporate dinners, conference room arrangements, conference flowers, reception flowers and corporate gifts are just a few examples of our services.

Learn more about what we can do for you and your company!

* Offer is subject to a minimum 4 week flower supply so you can truly evaluate our service.

Office flowers & plants
Office flowers & plants

A breath of fresh air for your office space, with Chloe Flowers exclusive designs.
At Chloe Flowers exclusive, we understand that it is not only practical to have office plants and office flowers but they also have a special style.

We recognize that as our work and social environments become increasingly busy, we need places of greenery to balance and de-stress us. Using our services in Athens, we can design the perfect green area that will allow your employees to take a deep breath of air and refocus their energy on increasing productivity.

Using our services, Chloe flower arrangements can ensure that your office space will enrich and delight you. From the moment you enter the building, you will experience having office plants or office flowers in your work environment.

Studies have shown that more businesses benefit from having office plants and office flowers in the work environment. As office flowers and plants act as mood enhancers. This allows for the possibility of a creative atmosphere, especially when the economy is fluctuating, unemployment is rising, and individuals are unsure about the future.

Office plants and their benefits
At Chloe Flowers exclusive we know that office plants and office flowers bring color, character and brightness to any interior space. In addition, office flowers can also reduce the daily stresses of the work environment, along with the following benefits:

Office - oxygen plants can absorb carbon dioxide in the air while releasing the oxygen we need to survive. Without providing the necessary oxygen in our office space, the brain can become sluggish, which leads to a decrease in productivity. By having the plants emit fresh oxygen instead of recycled air, productivity can be greatly increased.

Office plants - fresh air, are useful tools to reduce air pollution created in the office. These plants break down harmful chemicals in the air into organic by-products that can be used as food in their soil. As a result, cleaning the air in the office from dust.

Office plants - stress reduction, green color is a very relaxing color and very common in the world. Therefore, it is very natural to feel comfortable when surrounded by green plants or a landscaped green space. Tension and stress along with some of the causes of headaches and fatigue are reduced.

Office plants - noise reduction, through the use of strategically placed plants in corners or around a work area, noise pollution can be reduced through sound absorption by plants.

Office plants - beauty, can dramatically change the view or landscape of a building or an office. They can enhance the appeal of any building or workplace, as well as brighten the atmosphere.

Office plants - atmosphere - having plants or flowers in your office or home environment creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Office plants - creativity, plants can stimulate your brain, driving you with more creativity as you focus more while being inspired.

It is clear that we get quite a lot of benefits from having office plants and flowers in the work and living space. However, we all need a little help as we are often not sure where to start when introducing plants and flowers indoors. Chloe Flowers exclusive is here to help you.


We can advise and assess the available space - be it a traditional office in a corporate setting or a home office - with the best plants and flowers available to give you the most aesthetically pleasing design. We will also advise you on how much or how little attention and care your houseplants will need, so that you get the most benefit from the plants around you.


So contact us at Chloe Flowers exclusive florist and we will advise you on the best office plants and flowers to create the best productive environment. We will help you create a welcoming, productive and bright environment that is also very pleasing to the eyes. We know how to use one of nature's most natural tools to your advantage.


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