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This beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid is presented in a very stylish contemporary pot. This is the Greek's number 1 favourite plant. The Orchids are ideal for any occasion and are very easy to look after as they enjoy the same conditions as we do. They may arrive in bud form so that the lucky recipient can enjoy them for even longer. Colours may vary due to seasonal availability.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

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  • The orchid needs quite good lighting, especially during the winter, however it should not be placed in direct sunlight. Avoid currents and fluctuating temperatures.

    Orchids should not be exposed to extreme temperatures below 15 ° C or above 25 ° C.

    Water regularly while the plant is flowering and reduce watering slightly during the winter. Always keep the foliage dry, being careful not to splash the leaves. Do not let the roots dry out, but avoid having permanent water in the pot.

    Occasionally wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth as the accumulated dust will prevent light from reaching the foliage.

    As plants are a natural product, there can be variation in size and color throughout the season.

  • The difference in size is the amount of flowering branches they have.

    E.g. the large size has 3 flowering branches, the medium 2 branches.

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