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The Dutch tulip is a great one  flower with upright petals and in  wide variety of bright and cheerful colors.

For  absolute  floral  style, combine one  bouquet  with 15  tulips, that really will  enchant you.

Bouquet of tulips

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  • To enjoy the fresh tulips  more, follow these simple steps:

    • Remove any foliage below the waterline to prevent water contamination.

    • Cut the stems again at a 45 ° angle to allow maximum water absorption

    • Place the stems in a clean jar with fresh, lukewarm water as soon as possible.

    • Make sure the flowers are placed away from direct sunlight, away from currents or heat, and avoid extreme temperatures.

    • Change the water regularly to keep the flowers happy and healthy.

    * Keep flowers away from pets and children as they are toxic and should not be consumed.

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