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Flowers can really transform your wedding day. Plan with us the setting for your love story and let us create a special experience that will be unforgettable and unique for you.

Bridal Bouquet
Wedding Decoration

Love stories bloom...

From planning to staging, we dedicate real time and experience to each couple to understand your vision and create a custom proposal.

At your first meeting with us, we'll discuss your inspirations and outline the characteristics of your space and outfit. Our team will channel all these details and create a floral story that evokes the emotion of the day and reflects your personal style.

Agios Georgios in Kavouri
Exquisite flower arrangements in amphorae

Perfect execution

No matter how simple or grand your wedding may be, our creativity and impeccable service give you the luxury of enjoying every moment of your day as you leave the details to us.

Request an appointment to discuss our decorating services

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