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Romantikos gamos me kokkino burgundy (14

Romantic summer wedding in Marathon with wonderful floral arrangements.

We share with you a romantic summer wedding that impresses with its rich floral decoration!

The loved-up couple were beaming with happiness and didn't let the unpredictable summer storm that broke out stand in the way of celebrating their love with their loved ones.


A white pergola decorated with flower arrangements in vibrant colors decorated the entrance of the church while the reception area was enriched with beautiful bouquets of flowers which combined with the low lighting of the candles created a romantic warm atmosphere.

The bride shared with us:

“My favorite element of the decoration was the white pergola in front of the chapel which was filled with flowers matching those of my bouquet, as well as the arrangement of candlesticks on the tables which created a warm mystical atmosphere in the room. The excellent professionals and wonderful people at Xloi-flowers exclusive were the best choice I could have made for my wedding day.”

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